Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Your Fitness Feedback!

In order to provide the best possible exercise prescriptions for my clients, please take a few minutes to consider the following questions and comment at the end of this blog! As your trainer, it is my commitment to maintain a connection with each and every one of you considering your personal level of fitness and lifestyle.

  • Which type of activities do you enjoy the most in your Camps/Classes?
  • Which activities do you least enjoy?
  • Are you satisfied with your Camp/Class locations, times and days?
  • Do you receive enough motivation from me, your Trainer, and are you experiencing the level of safe effective exercise that you desire?
I realize your time is valuable, so enough for now!

1 comment:

joni said...

I just started back to boot camp this week and I didn't know how much I missed it. Work out gives me sooo much energy and clears my mind for a great start to the day! Kim is a great trainer that really listens and cares about your success! Thanks Kim! Keep up the HARD work!