Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby Boomer Fitness

The Pilot Program for Baby Boomer Boot Camp began in April of this year! Lauren and I got super excited about offering a Fitness Camp for the age 45 and up crowd! Being a Boomer myself, it isn't difficult to understand the physical limitations of the aging population. On the flip side, it's also very exciting to know that this age group is capable of much more physical activity than usually practiced. To be able to help Boomers reach fitness goals never imagined or long forgotten, has been awesome! Great cardio and strength gains are made at any age when proper protocol is applied. We are turning out "over 45" athletes everyday!

Very happy to report that this Camp is a success! We play in parks, on the bike trail and plan to take these camps to high school stadiums when not in use.

Please view our website at to learn more about Baby Boomer Boot Camp!