Monday, January 10, 2011

I Like Mondays!

We don't like Mondays.
Here are two songs that come to mind and describe how we feel about Mondays. I am in my 50s so I'm certain there are more current songs written about Mondays containing explicit lyrics. You needn't bring these to my attention. My spirits were dampened just listening to the first verse of both of these.
I like Mondays! I don't know exactly when I began to think this way. (yes, I said think, not feel!) Feeling your way through life can sabotage an otherwise sound judgement of day to day decision making. And, you know you can decide for yourself the outcome of your Monday.

Fridays are definitely the day we wake up in the morning and think, "It's Fridaaayy! Yes! The weekend begins! No problem here. Going to skate through this day, then have myself a weekend!" My thoughts exactly, every Friday.

Saturday! Is this day quite as good as Friday? Not sure. Friday may be the more elated mind set day of the two although Saturday has a great reputation.

Sunday! First half of this day is pretty awesome. Pancakes maybe and reflection of the good times Friday and Saturday brought your way. Later in the day...deflation. Monday lies ahead. Sunday night is our tunnel with no light at the end. At least not a light that doesn't resemble your flashlight with a needed battery replacement.

Monday morning. I'm ok after all. My secret weapon? I exercise first thing. Yep, roll out of bed, put on the workout clothes. Nothing fancy. No fancy workout. I conduct a boot camp style fitness class very early. Yes, I have to be there but so do the members or they get a shaming boo from me in their email that day. This Monday morning event is decidedly responsible for my attitude for the rest of Monday. Monday is good and getting better as it turns into Tuesday and the weekend looms again at mid day Wednesday.

Just another reason to exercise. Add it to your "reasons to exercise" list right in front of, "stress busting"and right after "decreases risk of cardiovascular disease." Call this reason, " Increases the likelihood of liking Monday."

Happy Monday from your Trainer!

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