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Nix the Holiday Bloat with Routine!

Nix the Holiday Bloat with Routine!

November 15, 2010 by Kim (Edit)
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Your intentions will be sincere. Steering away from the holiday buffet table will be easy right? As will ignoring the tempting food gifts in the break room at work. You will graciously decline the special Christmas punch and those sparkling glasses of champagne. You say you are trying a new recipe for Pumpkin Cheesecake this year?

Realistically, as Americans, we are about to embark on what for most of us, is our very favorite time of year. A huge part of our celebration involves the special food and drink we will share with family and friends. We gift with food, attend parties, dine out with our holiday shopping and bring home all the extras from the grocery store. We are still a country blessed with the means to entertain ourselves this way and also be charitable during the “Giving Season.” It truly is a time of year to share and be thankful.

The question is still posed: How can we enjoy the Holiday Season and avoid that dreaded January day when it all comes crashing down around us? We have gained weight and the magical season disappears just like magic and leaves us in the grips of January and it’s winter gloom.

Answer to question: Routine! Yes, I exercise for a living. What I have learned over the years that has kept me on the wagon right up in the driver’s seat is that when your routine goes by the wayside, the habit is broken within days. Just that fast. One of my goals over the years has been to encourage the good habit of exercise through cross training. A varied exercise program snuffs out boredom. Knowledge of key components of exercise and safe execution gives the athlete (that’s you) tools to stay physically fit at home, on vacation, on a business trip and at a gym. The tricky part if you are not a trainer, is staying the course so not to break the routine or the habit.

Friends Fitness evening classes and 5:30am Fitness Camps were developed for this purpose. They both provide skills, tools and knowledge to help you (the athlete) find a way to exercise enjoyably in any given environment. Early morning fitness doesn’t sound so appealing to many, but choosing to commit to this program empowers you, creating a sense of accomplishment. Consider how good one feels upon arriving home from work or finally getting all of the days chores accomplished…. and then you recall, oh yes, I DID THAT! I got it done at 6:30am. Kudos to ME!

Need I remind you that regular exercise curbs the appetite. Regular exercise increases the metabolism, burning those extra calories. It squelches fatigue and relieves stress. My strategy for facing that dreaded day in January and feeling triumphant? Don’t eat from any cheeseballs. Remember that the first bite is the best so don’t get another crab rangoon. Most importantly, stick with your routine!

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